We love to make things.

And we love when technology enables access to things that were previously out of reach.

  • open source software
  • less expensive and more powerful tools
  • low-run prototyping and manufacturing

Alternatives allow us to do more.

Professional CAD/CAM solutions are a key component of our process,
and fortunately the current technological landscape has a lot to offer.

Whether it's Autodesk's affordable Fusion360 subscription, Alibre, or something open source like Solvespace, or Freecad, or even plunking away in Blender, you've got a lot of utility for little more investment than your time.

And that's incredible.

Sometimes that's all you need, but sometimes you start to find the edges, the limits of the tools.
If that sounds familiar...
We think we have a solution for you.

ZW3D is a highly capable CAD/CAM system that is a bit more accessible than some of the other high-end options.

It took us a lot of time and research to find something that fit our criteria as we grew beyond our existing toolset.

Here's what we needed/wanted:

  • excellent sheet metal tools
  • complex assembly management
  • design configurations
  • affordable perpetual/non-subscription license

And here's what we found:

ZW3D fits the bill.


We've been able to broaden the limits of what we bring to market by using ZW3D.

Whether it's sketching out prototypes or bringing The Useful Camper and its accessories into a production-ready iteration, ZW3D has been front-and-center in our workflow.

It's fast, stable, incredibly robust and flexible, and easy to learn.

Maybe this is the first you've heard of it? That makes sense. It's a lesser-known CAD option in the North American market. So... we've partnered with ZWSoft to help change that.

Plain and simple, we offer two things:

We sell you the perpetual license.

Yeah, no subscriptions. It's a pay-once, own-forever kind of thing. Weird, right?

New versions comes out every year, and you'll be able to get onto that for a low yearly maintenance cost, or if you skip a few (or a lot), there's a fixed upgrade fee.

We give you support, completely optional.

Few options here: we're producing free training resources, then if you need, there are one-off support options as well as plans that allow you to call us up whenever you need help with something.


  • Basic CAD
USD 2,299
  • Advanced CAD
USD 3,799
  • Advanced CAD
  • Mold Design
USD 5,699
2-Axis Machining
  • Basic CAD
  • 2-Axis CAM
USD 3,199
3-Axis Machining
  • Basic CAD
  • 3-Axis CAM
USD 5,699
  • Advanced CAD
  • Mold Design
  • 2-Axis CAM
  • 3-Axis CAM
  • 5-Axis CAM (Optional)
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